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Parents are facing unique challenges of working from home while simultaneously juggling home life. At the same time, their children are trapped indoors, cut off from their friends, and the routine and structure of a school day have been entirely disrupted.

Teachers are struggling to support students remotely. This introduces challenges in preparing educational materials that translate from the classroom to a computer, and competing with the distractions they and their students face at home.

Students have to adapt to a wide variety of new challenges such as shifting to online classes, managing internet bandwidth issues, pausing research projects, and caring for younger siblings and loved ones.

Health workers are on the front line of this crisis, and risk their own health and those they come into contact with. They are also faced with the suffering and fear of patients. The uncertainty and stressful circumstances can take an emotional toll.

Whether a patient has mild or severe symptoms, this crisis has denied patients the comfort of visitors. This isolation and concern for their health and for those they may have come into contact with can leave them feeling lonely and frightened.

Social distancing and the isolation of sheltering in has impacted people in ways they could not have foreseen. Beyond loneliness, there can be a sense of fear and uncertainty of what the future has in store.